art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Upon these houses I have slept

Detail from Upon these houses I have slept, Liquid paper, ink and acrylic on paper.

"WHAT the hell is that?" my sister asks. "It looks like a map." Perhaps. She was talking about a painting I just started on a whim today. I was thinking about a conversation I had recently about the nature of art and what makes art 'Art', and decided to just stop thinking, start drinking and then paint something to test the idea that anybody, at any moment, can create something which expresses one of the, arguably, fundamental functions of art: to foster self-expression; reveal, reflect and create emotion.

Who knows what this expresses, but I'm pleased to think I did something creative today after a long spell of nothing but work, work, work.

As a side note, dear PLEASURE readers, I should announce that I shall be, over the coming weeks, embarking on something of a tour of the US and hope to keep a diary of my time there, here, in this space. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, perhaps you guys can help me figure out what this latest doodling is all about :)

Oh and for fun, here is what my nephew, Luke, 6, did while I was doodling:

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  1. Side-gig as Artist-in-the-Making is in the order, maybe?