art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Artist interview series

Is an interview series featuring Trinidad artists. Over the coming weeks, we'll feature poets, painters, writers, musicians, actors and others. They'll tell us about themselves in questionnaires that follow a standard template of: WHO? WHAT? WHEN+WHERE? WHY? The aim is to get them to literally do all the talking and to capture them at a moment in their lives.

The series, which will come out at random intervals, began October 25, 2009, with the brilliant Trinidadian poet Vahni Capildeo. Capildeo's book, the critically acclaimed Undraining Sea, was launched that month in London.

No. 1: Vahni Capildeo, poet
No. 2: Embah, painter
No. 3: Dave Williams, dancer 
No. 4: Adam Williams, potter 
No. 5: Akuzuru, experientialist
No. 6: Alicia Milne, art school grad
No. 7: Lisa Allen-Agostini, writer
No. 8: Yao Ramesar, filmmaker
No. 9: Jemima Charles, art student
No. 10: Amanda Smyth, novelist
No. 11: Fedon Honore, Midnight Robber
No. 12: Nikolai Noel, graphic artist
No. 13: Navy, performance poet
No. 14: Marlon Darbeau, graphic artist
No. 15: Monique Roffey, novelist

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