art in all its forms

art in all its forms


A look back at the film 'Coolie Pink and Green'

"It starts with the image of a woman’s eyes. Then, slowly, dancing plumes of white and pink smoke. Then the woman again, dancing. An opening title tells us the history of the indentured East Indians who came to Trinidad in the nineteenth century. Two narrators — one a young Indo-Trinidadian woman, the other an older man — use sometimes rhyming verse to weave the central conflict that is the subject matter of Coolie Pink and Green: a conflict left unresolved at the end of this poetic short film by the Trinidadian scholar Patricia Mohammed..."

READ the full review at the Caribbean Review of Books' special section on Caribbean film here. FIND out more at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival blog here.

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  1. Andre,
    perhaps I didn't give the film half as much attention as it needed, but I immediately dismissed it as a melee of all things exotic about Indo-Trinidadian culture. I thought it was cliche times ten.

    This said, i have much more fate in your literary and film judgment than mine and if you think i need to revisit this piece then perhaps I should.