art in all its forms

art in all its forms


No image satisfies her

Imperial (2010), by Holly Bynoe; digital collage, 40 x 60 inches

Holly Bynoe is a visual artist and editor-in-chief of ARC Magazine. A portfolio of her amazing work is published this month at the Caribbean Review of Books. As noted by Melanie Archer, Bynoe, in writing about her work, refers to Walter Benjamin's idea of the "fan of memory":

He who has once begun to open the fan of memory never comes to the end of its segments; no image satisfies him, for he has seen that it can be unfolded, and only in its folds does the truth reside; that image, that taste, that touch for whose sake all has been unfurled and dissected; and now remembrance advances from small to smallest details, from the smallest to the infinitesimal, while that which it encounters in these microcosms grows ever mightier.
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