art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Vanna Vee and LAZAbeam!

Holy Moses!

Released March 9, 2012. Produced and Mixed by LAZAbeam. Mastered by Interface. Guitars by Michael De Souza. Written by K. Chandradath Singh and V. Girod. 

Cheap & Clean

CHEAP & CLEAN: The Documentary from arrdowblu on Vimeo. A project by Ebony G. Patterson.


Spaces Between Words

Christian Campbell reads his poem 'Iguana' at the Spaces Between Words pod-cast. LISTEN here. READ the poem and my thoughts on it at my tumblr here.


Brianna McCarthy at Artzpub

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What is a trick vessel?

A trick vessel is a type of mechanical puzzle. It is an impossible object; a magical trick that seems to do something it should not; that should not, logically, be possible. I was fascinated by this idea and how it is a metaphor for so many processes: for art, for the imagination, for love, for memory; for history; for politics and for power. I hope the book deals with these things and that readers will find many secrets.  

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An art of fragments

Reni Gower | Fragments: Garnier | mixed media | 2007
Photo courtesy TCC Visual Arts Center

"Poetry writing for Campbell is a somewhat unpredictable process, where the imagination can strike at any time: ‘I’m a fan of the Moleskin notebook.  I carry around one small enough to fit into a big pocket so that I can scribble at any given time.  I think poetry needs that kind of archiving because it’s an art of fragments.’

"The Caribbean is a constant undercurrent; experiences of home have the power to travel, translate and transpire in other places. Another poem such as ‘Iguana’ sing a kind of pan-Caribbeanness. The iguana forms an important symbol in this piece and the writer explores its local significance on various islands including Trinidad, Haiti, St. Lucia and of course The Bahamas, Campbell’s birthplace. In tracing the reptile’s regional importance, Campbell moves beyond the boundaries of a single island, forging links with others: ‘The earth is on the back/ of an ageless iguana’, declaring ‘We are all from the Land of Iguana, / Hewanorra, Carib name for St. Lucia."

POET Christian Campbell's book Running the Dusk is examined in this essay at the ARC website here.

After colour

AfterColour takes a look at the contemporary dynamic of complexion defining beauty in diasporan women. It examines the representation of women of different shades of skin, by themselves and by others, and the idea of ‘shadism’, both in Trinidad and within a wider, global discussion that’s happening right now.
AfterColour's opening reception will be held on March 15th at 6:30pm – 9:00pm at Medulla Art Gallery at 37 Fitt Street in Woodbrook, POS, Trinidad. The show will run through March 29th 2012 with an Artist Talk on Wednesday the 28th of March 2012. For more information or to RSVP call: 868- 740-7597

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