art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Poem + flesh

What happens when the amazing designer Kriston Chen takes up Christopher Cozier's breeze block challenge? Sheer explosive magic: he's made a font and a series of amazing things at his site, Notsirk. CHECK IT OUT here.


AMA, CHI TI AMA: Dave Williams 'Press Play'

FORGET all the politics and the gimmicky play on the media of the title ('PRESS play'); forget all the bacchanal implied by the same title (YUMA's Carnival bank this year was also called 'Press PLAY') and strip away all the MacGuffins, for Mr Williams' new work is about love.

Press Play looks at power on a political level in a broad sense, not necessarily that involving Parliamentary seats. Here is a relationship, and all sorts of problems ensue: dependency, abuse, joy, its end, sorrow, its end, children, freedom, prisons, the body and soul eternal (?) Several vignettes are beaded together. As the mysterious force in 'Gondola' marshals the lovers, so too Williams his great theme in all its glory: ama, chi ti ama- love him who loves you.