art in all its forms

art in all its forms


People, the European Film Festival opens tday

 We are being spoiled...

THE 13th annual Trinidad and Tobago European Film Festival opens tonight with a screening of La Conjura de El Escorial, a Spanish film by director Antonio del Real featuring Julia Ormond and Jason Issacs. Showtime: 8pm at MovieTowne. Before that, there'll be a reception with plenty of flamenco, we've been warned.

Among the more anticipated films of the festival, which holds full screenings at MovieTowne from October 14 to November 3, is Four Minutes (Vier Minuten), the sensational 2006 German film by Chris Kraus which follows an elderly piano teacher as she trains a convict at a women's prison. The Times Online describes the piece as, "a marvellous piece of cinema that hides its secrets like a Russian doll." This one is already getting us wet.

Loads of other films are screening too, like the French film Un Secret, by Claude Miller,  which follows what happens when a 15-year-old boy unearths a shocking family secret. And there is the Italian film My Brother's Summer, by  Pietro Reggiani which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005.

All of this comes on the heels of the recently concluded Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (which reached new heights this year) and a Portuguese film week. Suddenly, film lovers all over the country are being spoiled for choice. We like being spoiled.

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  1. Don't forget Campus Film Classics, at the Institute of Critical Thinking, UWI, and StudioFilmClub at the Fernandes Compound in Laventille, every Monday and Thursday respectively.