art in all its forms

art in all its forms


A Trini take on 'Jennifer's Body'


Jennifer has a serious tabanca. A tabanca for manjuice.
To satisfy her tabanca, she drinks guys' blood and eats their flesh as though she was gulping down a Curepe doubles. It’s sexy, it’s entertaining and, despite my initial cringe-reaction to all that vomiting of blood, I was soon wishing she would come over here and eat me.

For sure, this has something to do with the fact that Jennifer is played by Megan Fox in her first starring role. Boy can she whip it. I always suspected that she could actually act. Now I know she can. And, I’m having wet dreams about her sucking my blood. Not only did I fall in love with Jennifer, I became her!

THE PLOT: A sinister indie rock band from the city comes to town and they basically sacrifice Jennifer to the devil so that they can make it big.
ACCORDING TO MEGAN FOX: "A demon overtakes my body, I need to feed, I need to eat flesh. I start eating flesh in my high school. It’s crazy." 

Man-eater in action

ALONG THE WAY: Needy, Jennifer’s dorky best friend discovers Jennifer is a succubus and basically takes matters into her own hand. This results in one absolutely sublime kissing scene where the camera zooms into Jennifer kissing Needy on her bed, as well as the following memorable dialogue: 

            NEEDY (as Jennifer tries to kill her): I thought you only murdered boys.
            JENNIFER: I go both ways. 

DIABLO CODY, who wrote it, said: "At lot of girls, you feed on your friends and you feed on boys sexually and its a time when emotions are heightened and really insane. Specifically with women, you haven't really seen that literalised in a horror movie."

Of course we would also add that Jennifer could just as easily have been a male, testosterone-drunk high-school jock in an all-boys Catholic school...hmm.

Anyhow, this is creepy, fresh stuff that is artfully done and, at moments, sublime. I was wondering if the whole thing was maybe also a metaphor for STDs? Or symbolic of the fallout that happens in personal relationships when you are a bi, man-eating monster? Or maybe this is a warning to avoid bad indie rock bands? Or is a weird poem to friendship? Whatever it is, it's hot: **** 

(PS: never before has an Akon track been put to such amazingly creepy use than in this film)


  1. Umm you really sure you want Megan Fox to eat your flesh???