art in all its forms

art in all its forms


this/discourse/has no/start(middle)nd


I am the fourth child, the only daughter among five sons. I like to blame my outgoing and aggressive attitude on my brothers. I sometimes call myself by the artist name AMMA. It stands for 'Ancient Morals with Modern Attitude'. I was born in Paradise Heights Morvant, but lived most of my life in St. Joseph, Trinidad.


I hope someday that my work will be identified simply by the mention of my name. Until then, I am interested in paper sculpture, glass mono prints and film/photography. Connectivity is my mantra - it is how I develop my concepts.


I started my affair with art at age seven. I always knew that I wanted to be an artist, but it has not been easy. I went to El Dorado Secondary School-yep, think of the brown uniform! I decided against ‘A' level art and entered the University of the West Indies in the Visual Arts certificate programme. I hope to graduate this year with a BA in Visual Arts.

I have been around for years, taking part in several joint exhibitions. In 2008, while preparing for my final year design project, I meshed my paper research and my concept of connectivity, and decided I wanted to go to Japan to complete this research. I organized a solo exhibition in the St. Joseph Community Centre and sold just enough of my art pieces to purchase a ticket to Japan, where I had my first apprenticeship under the Japanese master artist Chiba Shinji Sakuryu san. Thanks to the help of many precious individuals the experience was a young artist's dream come true.

I am currently preparing for my exhibition called CONES. CONES is an interactive exhibition of colour and light transparency. I would like to consider it my first art residency. It takes place at Alice Yard, opening night 22nd January. The public are invited to participate by painting their own cone from the 20th - 22nd January at Alice Yard between 12 and 7pm daily. The materials for this exhibition are inspired by the Japanese festival Nebuta.


I cannot help it. I have observed my parents who started a family very young having to create or invent a way to live at times by using their hands. Craft has always been a part of my life. My mother once made shoulder pads and had us children sit around her feet. As she stitched, we would package them. That’s just one experience of many I can remember.


I am an artist because I cannot stop, I am submitted to it, so much till it controls me. Because we exist we are creating art, art is everything.


Where do you see yourself in the future? LOL. The typical interview question. I have always seen myself as a travelling artist and I would say that I have started this. In the future I hope to participate in many global art activities.


You can participate in Jemima's upcoming show CONES at Alice Yard, Woodbrook, by visiting the space at 80 Roberts Street between the 20th and the 22nd from 12 to 7pm. This is what she looks like:

Jemima Charles, 27. Photos by Andre Bagoo.

CHECK out a flyer for CONES here. DISCOVER more about the event at the Alice Yard blog here. This/discourse/has/ no/start(middle)nd is an interview series featuring the responses of Trinidad artists to a set questionnaire. FIND out more and see the full list of interviewees here.