art in all its forms

art in all its forms


***TONIGHT: 12 the band at Thamnak Thai

Sheldon Holder of 12 the band. Photo by Richard Rawlins.


People of the World! Supporters of 12 the Band,

See yourself, be yourself, free yourself.

Friday January 8 2010, 12 the Band and special musical guests Blue Emperor, Gyazette and Stop.Motion.

Venue: Tham Nak Thai Thamnak Thai (13 Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain). Ticket price $150.

12's raising funds for their upcoming performance at Rockstone and Bootheel : Contemporary Art from the West Indies, which takes place in February in Connecticut.

Get a discount on concert tickets when you purchase 12's 'Streets and Avenues' CD from the Alice Yard Shop Check out the link for more details.

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