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12 the band at NuBlu, Manhattan NY

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John Hussain and Sheldon Holder of 12 the band at NuBlu, Manhattan NY

Playing to an intimate audience at NuBlu Bar in Lower East Side Manhattan on Monday night, the conscious fusion band 12 rendered music lovers spellbound with their eclectic medley of calypso-tinged rock hits.

Lead singer Sheldon Holder kicked off the set at 12:12 a.m. (Coincidence? I think not), drawing from 12’s extensive repertoire of hits such as the upbeat love song “Smile” and the politically acerbic“ Mankind.” The usual suspects accompanied him, Johnny Hussain on guitar and Rhys Thompson on drums. However, a guest bassist Jesse Murphy was brought in for this special New York event. In the audience was renowned drummer Jojo Mayer of the band Nerve.

12 played a 48-minute set

Holder, who kinda also did double duty for the night as emcee, gave a very appreciative audience constant positive energy.

"We are humans and we are social creatures from the heart we love and when you cultivate that moment of love…that’s good you know. Keep on planting the seed," he said at one point.

A long-standing patron of NuBlu

The band's ten-song, 48-minute set took a mystical turn with the transcendental hit “Imagination” and closed with a stirring rendition of 12’s biggest hit “Prosper.” Even the usually stolid New Yorkers couldn’t help but rock out to this final masterpiece.


Sheldon acknowledged his newfound fans with some parting words. “Disasters and mishaps aside, we are just visitors here and we would like to meet you,” he said. Something tells me they will be greeted with many New York fans very soon.

Guest PLEASURE blogger Jeanette G. Awai and pal at NuBlu

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