art in all its forms

art in all its forms


SPAN in Draconian Switch

Cover of the SPAN issue of Draconian Switch
Draconian Switch is an art and design e-magazine published in Trinidad by Richard Rawlins with the collaboration of a group of artists, designers, and writers. Paramaribo SPAN curators, including Trinidadian Christopher Cozier, invited Rawlins to Suriname in late February 2010 to observe and participate in the opening events of the SPAN exhibition. The result is a special issue of Draconian Switch, which is now available for download. I'm a fan of Draconian Switch, but this issue is ridiculous. Rawlins has created a zine which is as much a work of art as the art it features. HOT!

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  1. THANX for posting this!!! And thanks for spamming me, otherwise I wouldn't have met this mag!