art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Happy 4th bday Alice Yard!

Photo courtesy Georgia Popplewell

In the four years that I've been going to Alice Yard, I've seen Dave Williams dance on stilts inside a room the size of a cupboard; committed larceny as blogger Richard Bolai looked on; had mud and dirt thrown at me in the pouring rain amidst shards of glass; eaten lots of tasty corn-soup; made a cone and painted with wax; watched 3 Canal, 12 the band and many more perform; heard poets, photographers and artists talk about their work; seen installations by Elspeth Duncan, Adam Williams and Nikolai Noel to name a few; been literally shocked by a fridge (it was a lawsuit waiting to happen); consumed hundreds of Stags; sipped hundreds of cups of red wine; encountered one very crazy man; met many many beautiful others.

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the Alice Yard space, which has served as an independent-spirited centre for contemporary art in Trinidad. The contribution of this space, at formal, anecdotal and social levels, cannot be underestimated. It has been a place for the arts, in a country where the arts are all too often left bereft.

Almost every week, thanks to the dedication of a team of instigators, there has always been something going on at Alice Yard. This has been no mean feat. And now, to mark Alice Yard's fourth anniversary, a programme, called 4 x 4, has been drawn up by the instigators.

* READ more about the 4 x 4 programme here.

* PLEASURE also today publishes a short story by Cropper Writers Workshop fellow Shivanee Ramlochan, set at Alice Yard, in honour of this vital space. READ it here.

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