art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Eat, sleep, dance, live music

TT Film Festival 2011: Hit Me With Music (74 mins, Directed by Miquel Galofre)

Here is a film which understands all sides of its subject matter, dancehall. Miquel Galofre's sharp documentary examines how dance becomes a mode of expression, a realm of violence and, for some, an act of redemption. We eat, sleep, dream dance, one dancer remarks. In Hit Me With Music, this becomes poignantly true.

The film, screening at the TT Film Festival makes keen social observations without coming to a didactic conclusion. It is an open, breathing, living thing that reveals its director's understanding and compassion for humanity. This is one the best films of 2011 and continues a winning streak for Galofre whose last film was Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast? Here is a director of great sensitivity whose films play like odes to the people who inhabit them. *****


Miquel Galofre

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