art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Neither here nor there

Installation, Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph, Trinidad. 2013

"ALL OVER Trinidad and Tobago, strange sculptures are appearing. Small, angular and at odds with the shapes and geometry of things around them, they look like alien sand-castles beamed down from a space-ship. On the Brian Lara Promenade in the capital, Port of Spain; around the scenic Queen’s Park Savannah; along the busy liming spot of Ariapita Avenue; on an island in the middle of a busy main road or camouflaged on a non-descript pavement that could be anywhere on the island, they provoke stares and wonder. What are they? Where did they come from? Who put them there?

"These objects seem to materialize overnight. Though they look like little sand-castles, the sculptures are made out of grey board, wire, fiber rods, and duct tape. Some are covered with bond paper and then sand is stuck on their surface using wood glue. Beneath their apparently casual incongruence, then, is a careful deliberation. This is the work of the collaboration known as Pinky y Emigrante: artists Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche..."

-From an essay on the collective known as Pinky y Emigrante (P&E) at the ARC website. P&E is a collaboration featuring  Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche, with whom I recently collaborated with for an e-chapbook. READ the full essay here.

P&E will talk about their work at Alice Yard this Thursday. FIND out more here.

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