art in all its forms

art in all its forms


The Harder They Come

Is screening today at Campus Film Classics at the University of the West Indies.


"In The Harder They Come reggae star Jimmy Cliff plays Ivan O. Martin, a Jamaican country boy who heads for Kingston in search of fame and fortune as a singer. Faced with the harsh reality of city life, Ivan ends up taking work with a local preacher, and is later jailed for participating in a knife fight.

Upon his release, Ivan finally gets to record his song “The Harder They Come”, but is then exploited by a dishonest record company executive. Ivan turns his back on the establishment, and slides into crime and the drug trade. He keeps the police at arm's length by offering them a slice of the action, but ultimately finds himself in the middle of a bloody raid. Ivan kills several cops and escapes, whereupon "The Harder They Come" is released, elevating the fugitive to the status of folk hero.

Adopting a take-no-prisoners approach to its material and presenting an unadorned view of Jamaican ghetto life, The Harder They Come is the first true classic of Caribbean cinema, packing an emotional impact that is undeniable. And it features one of the all-time great music soundtracks, including unforgettable songs from Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals, and of course Jimmy Cliff himself.

The screening will be introduced by Dr Chris Meir of the Film Programme, UWI and followed by a discussion." MORE INFO at Campus Film Classics blog here.

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