art in all its forms

art in all its forms


You are the potter, I am the clay

These are ordinary objects.

Cups, vases, dishes and bowls sit silently on tables set up in an airy space at a house in Diego Martin. But the pieces at Adam Williams' annual studio sale, which was held yesterday, are touched with the specific vision of an artist striving to ennoble the everyday. This is the work of a painter, who uses clay as his canvass to create fine and delicate sensations. Text and texture meet in subtle relationships; colours and palettes blend and ooze secrets--like having a conversation with the artist, meeting his family and chatting with his loved ones. The result is unusual: we encounter ourselves, take away a piece of him and then usher it all into our everyday lives.

Consider the teacup with the protest, "this is not my cup of tea". Or two bowls that look like they have been graffitied by a student given lines to do as punishment in secondary school detention. "I will not speak in class", says one, the other, adds, "I will not answer back when spoken to."

And then move to larger pieces, vases, which allow the artist more than just subversive scrawling. These are full-fledged canvasses, with a careful attention to the form of the images placed on each. Here we find personal work; the artist commenting upon and working through issues in relationships, emotions.

Of course it is true there are only so many teacups and bowls one can look at and admire. But equally, we may argue that these are the everyday objects the artist intends to sell, not just for mercenary reasons, but because the banal is a key to everyday life and a way to bring art, in simple, subtle and beautiful forms, to us. He is not just molding clay, he's creeping into our lives; molding us.

READ an interview with Adam Williams here.CHECK his website (which has contact information) here.

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