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art in all its forms


Joanne Kilgour-Dowdy's photo-autobiography

A sneak peek at Trinidadian dancer Joanne Kilgour-Dowdy's short 'photo-autobiography' In the Public Eye. The book covers her years in Trinidad, then at Julliard and thereafter.

1. Joanne Kilgour-Dowdy, on the set of the Banyan production of Who the C.A.P. Fits,1976. (Photo by Bruce Paddington); 2. At Queen's Hall for a recital (undated photo from the Caribbean School of Dancing); 3. In Woman to Woman. Photo by Derek Gaye (undated).

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  1. Anthony Le GendreDecember 29, 2010

    I have always admired Joanne Kilgour. I remember, as a young man, seeing her do a breast examination tutorial for either the Ministry of Health or the Cancer Society and I was struck by her spirit and courage, doing something like that in a society such as ours, in that time period. She was actually my first female heroine.