art in all its forms

art in all its forms


this/discourse/has/no start(middle)nd


I am. I enjoy just being. But, if you want to get technical I am: born and raised in Trinidad, the eldest daughter of Michael Milne and Jacinta Ferreira, sister to three siblings, member of a large Portuguese Creole family, and an artist.


I do many things. But I suppose what you are most interested in is my artwork. My most recent work has been made with clay, plaster and myself. I enjoy getting my hands into materials. At times it can be very intimate. The work is based on personal experiences and for a large part acts as an outlet for working through these experiences. I look at realities and perceptions. Within the work there are facets that deal with religion, family, race and class.


I have a small studio space at home in Arima where I produce some of the work. My dear friend Adam Williams accommodates me in his pottery studio on a weekly basis. A great deal of my work happens there.

My work was last shown at UWI St. Augustine’s Visual Arts graduate show in June this year. I graduated last month with a BA in Visual Arts and a minor in Cultural Studies.

I remain quietly producing and building my body of work. My partner, Luis Vasquez, and I are also working on some projects together. I plan on going to my first residency very soon.


My work relates to my interests, and I love that fact.


I really don’t know if an artist with as little experience as myself can really say something profound about art but I do know this, one’s practice is something special and precious. It needs to be guarded and encouraged. The artist needs to fight for it and just work. Never stop working. The work is all that matters.

I suppose it is similar to having a child. In the same way that a child’s guardian should not lead it astray or encourage undesirable behaviour, our cultural gate keepers (perceived or otherwise) need to be weary of the kind of work and art practices they are encouraging and recognizing. 


I think that I hinted at it in the question above.


Alicia Milne is a ceramicist and visual artist living and working in Trinidad. She is a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies, BA Visual Arts, Minor in Cultural Studies. This is what she looks like:

Alicia Milne tried on a mask during a visit to Alice Yard, Woodbrook on November 6, 2009. Photos by Andre Bagoo.

VISIT Alicia's blog Intriguing Things here. This/discourse/has/no/start(middle)nd is an interview series featuring the responses of Trinidad artists. FIND out more about it here.

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