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art in all its forms


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Akuzuru is Space-ness. To be her is an expansive continuum, unlimited. To ask who she is, is almost belittling as it presents a solid boundary or box around herself. She’s much too ethereal for that. Static she is not, but very much an Experiential Artist.


She presents deeply sensorial experiences to re-engineer the thinking channels of the gaze. She removes those who dare to be in the immediate vicinity of the presentation, from the comfort of the familiar only to find that they are in the familiar, but within a perceptive suspension of their own mis or non–understanding which may lead to a realization, probably long after the attendance. As an Experiential Artist she executes her Spatial Works through the engaging instrumentations of monumental sculptural installations, photography, video, performances and writings. Materials include the air that all of humanity share on this planet, debris from nature and other organisms-dead or alive-people, and a whole lotta guts packed with honesty.


The artist has shown on various locations in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Asia. Here are her very recent works:


V E I N : solo performance Spatial Work at the Alice Yard art space, Trinidad.

Trans-Portal //=\\ The Ascent: performance video currently showing at the high profile group exhibition entitled 'Rockstone and Bootheel' at Real Art Ways, Connecticut in the United States of America.

Germination: two performances-Parts 1 & 2-shown over a two day period at Queen’s Hall in Port of Spain, Trinidad, on special invitation at the 2009 CoCo Dance Festival.


Earthology India - a Spatial Work in 3 Acts

Her latest ongoing project entitled -Earthology- is a global venture. Funded by the Commonwealth Foundation in London, United Kingdom, the first leg of this major work took place in India over a six month period, the results of which are presented in the form of an Artist Book entitled: Earthology India-a Spatial Work in 3 Acts (2008). 

Conceptually, this work is a poetic interrogation on becoming of the self through self induced non-identity, an autobiographical connection to existential interrelations and a refocused re-constructed perspective on loss via disruptive interventions in the environment and a reclaim to the Mother. Presented in three acts, this single work of myriad dimensions is one of the most ambitious and important of the artist’s oeuvres to date. Produced on location in several parts of New Delhi and Bangalore, the endeavour also included a solo exhibition of the artist’s installation-performance work titled: Momentum-Autobiography of an Odd Child at the Gallery Sumukha in Bangalore. The book presents visually stunning reproductions of the artist’s sculptures, installations, performances and drawings. Also, including a published review of the work and an essay by two renowned writers and curators in India, as well as a proposal written by the artist to one of the organizations in India, which was integral to the project. 

From Germination at the CoCo Dance Festival, Queen's Hall, Port of Spain on October 15, 2009.

An Experiential Art Production: this book is a limited edition which was printed and bound in India. Earthology India was acquired by The National Library in Port of Spain (NALIS), as well as the Main Library of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad.


Trans-Portal//=\\The Ascent: an installation and performance work presented at the 2nd Bieniel de la Martinique, on the Estate of Fonds Saint Jacques.

Cogni-Dysaesthesia: an extensive solo exhibition of 6 sculptural installations and drawings at L’Atrium- Centre Martiniquais d’Action Culturelle (CMAC) Galerie Andre Arsenec. Fort de France, Martinique.


To evolve the conscient and further captivate the supra-existences.


To not say is to say. Memory remains. Thus the transformative force of LOVE is activated. This is all-encompassing, all-embracing, all-powerful.

(c) Akuzuru 2009


[The artist did not respond.]


Akuzuru was artist-in-residence at the Bag Factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2002 and a participant in the 2006 Galvanize arts programme in Trinidad. The recipient of a Commonwealth arts residency, she last month performed VEIN at Alice Yard, Woodbrook, to coincide with the Commonwealth People's Forum. This is what she looks like:

Akuzuru surveys the scene at Alice Yard, Port of Spain, on November 23, 2009, after her performance of VEIN that evening. Photos by Andre Bagoo. 

SEE images from Akuzuru's VEIN at Alice Yard last month here. FIND out more about the piece here. CHECK out 'Rockstone and Bootheel' here. VISIT a profile of the artist at the Bag Factory website here. READ more about Akuzuru's work for Galvanise here. This/discourse/has/no/start(middle)nd is an interview series featuring the responses of Trinidad artists. LEARN more about it here.

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