art in all its forms

art in all its forms


For six days, Marlon Darbeau took over PLEASURE

Marlon Darbeau at Alice Yard. Photo courtesy INDIgroove

We asked Trinidadian design artist Marlon Darbeau to do the 14th interview for our interview series This/discourse/has/no/start(middle)nd.

Darbeau, like all our interviewees, was asked to respond to a set questionnaire including the questions: WHO? WHAT? WHEN+WHERE? WHY?

In response he opted to produce a series of images. These will now be posted at this blog, one day at a time, right up until Palm Sunday.

All of the images will also be collected and displayed in a much larger space which you can find here

"I share ideas with people, they either verbally respond or play with something I make and then I think about what they said or did... I go oooooooooor there it is, that's what I've been looking for," Darbeau says on his blog. "My ideas come from people. "Because what I make is for them anyway."

FIND out more about Darbeau here.

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