art in all its forms

art in all its forms


this/discourse/has no/start(middle)nd


They call me NAVY, took the name that they gave me, turned it back to front.


A lyricist by all definitions of the word, who strongly dislikes being labeled anything otherwise.


I was born on May 18, 1987.  I First hit the stage at my school's Soca Competition, where I placed 1st place with a song called "First Place". Recorded one song with friends then started writing and performing poetry. I have been doing that for the past 4 years in Trinidad at all the major spots... and in New York, getting my feet wet in the Poetry scene there while studying and working. I am now back home in Trinidad getting reacquainted with what's left of the scene here. Working on making my return to the studio soon!
Locally, in addition to being a steady act on the poetry circuit, I performed on two separate occasions on CNMG's television series, '52 Nights' (2006). During a stint in NY, I had the opportunity to be featured at two venues; 'Work As Renaissance' in Harlem and Urban Voices Heard's: 'Write Out Loud' in the Bronx. I was also given a spotlight in my farewell performance at Urban Juke Joint in the city. Unfortunately I had to leave NY at the time when all these things were happening for me. I take it as a timely intervention for me to work on something different. All of my projects are still works in progress on which anyone can be updated via my blog and my facebook fan page. I'm also on Twitter @theycallmenavy. Add me, follow me...just don't label me.


To say something (else)! Artists take their power for granted. I think we could put our work to greater use... or at least be creative!


To be artistic is to be yourself... we are all artistic in one way or another. However, society's constraints dissuade us from being ourselves and we lose our artistic freedom. Don't be a robot!

What do you think of the local art scene? I think we have VERY far to go. In almost every country art is at the bottom of the spectrum in terms of education, and that translates into the society. That doesn't mean that their art is lost, because the people even in small groups foster art amongst themselves. We have a culture of bandwagonism in T&T that suppresses art in general. We like what we see on tv and hear on the radio. We have so much talent that ends up going to waste because there are not be enough forums, or because it is just overlooked. We the people have the power to make things happen!


This is what Navy, born Yvan Mendoza , looks like:

CHECK Navy's blog here. And his Facebook PAGE hereThis/discourse/has/no/start(middle)nd is an interview series featuring the responses of Trinidad artists to a set questionnaire. FIND out more and see the full list of interviewees here.

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