art in all its forms

art in all its forms


And we're back!

You can find Marlon Darbeau's complete image interview here.

For the past week, PLEASURE has posted, one day at a time, a series of images produced by Trinidadian design artist Marlon Darbeau. 

Darbeau, whose work has been featured on this blog, had been asked to do the 14th interview in our artist interview series This/discourse/has/no/start(middle)nd. For the interview series, artists are asked to respond to a set questionnaire that includes the questions WHO? WHAT? WHEN? and WHERE? 

Darbeau opted to produce an image in answer to each of these. And we opted to post the images one day at a time to allow the images to stand individually, yes, but to also accumulate gradually; to let readers literally get a better picture of Marlon over time, in the way that people come to know each other bit by bit, day by day. All through the simple medium of a blog.

The result is an image interview that is playful but also stands on its own as a series of graphics. They have been accumulated at a blog we've created called Darbeau at PLEASURE. You can find that blog here. And check out the last image in the series, called 'ASK THE QUESTION YOU WANTED ANSWERED', here.

For the last week PLEASURE blog also adopted a different format to accommodate the project, hopefully to create a sense of a shared online space; an interplay of persons and ideas. Today we return to our 'normal' layout.

Many thanks to Marlon for his images. It has been an exciting week!

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