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art in all its forms


CRB version 2.5!

Detail from an untitled drawing by Christopher Cozier (2002), reproduced on the cover of the August 2004 CRBcourtesy the artist.

At long last the trail-blazing online version of the Caribbean Review of Books is on stream! Editor Nicholas Laughlin promises to bring more frequent installments of the journal than ever before. This is a very, very pleasing development.

"If the original Caribbean Review of Books — published from 1991 to 1994 in Jamaica — was CRB version 1.0, and the CRB as revived in 2004 in Trinidad was version 2.0, then perhaps this incarnation of the magazine before you now, dear reader, might be called version 2.5," Laughlin writes on the new CRB site.

"Because our new website, launched in time for our sixth anniversary, marks a shift in medium, but not in purpose, direction, or ambition. As in the twenty-one print editions we published between May 2004 and May 2009, the CRB will continue to provide serious (but not solemn) coverage of contemporary Caribbean books and writing via insightful, intelligent reviews and essays."

Thus far, the latest issue features Brendan de Caires on Exhibiting Slavery: The Caribbean Postmodern Novel as Museum, by Vivian Nun Halloran; F.S.J. Ledgister on Picasso, I Want My Face Back, by Grace Nichols;  Lisa Allen-Agostini on Who’s Your Daddy? and Other Stories, by Geoffrey Philp;  and a travel narrative by Vahni Capildeo, the the first installment of a longer essay about the writer’s visit to Delhi and Mumbai. Lots of good stuff to sink your teeth into already!

CHECK out the online CRB here.

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  1. Au Courant DailyMay 06, 2010

    Yay!!!! Finally this is on stream in some sort of constant manner!!! Love your blog, btw...