art in all its forms

art in all its forms


UNC/COP manifesto reviewed, aesthetically that is!

One might as well start with the cover. It's yellow. Really yellow. But what do you expect? It's the rising sun, duh! I'm somewhat surprised to see that flash of red at the top. Red, of course, reminding you of the PNM. But on closer inspection it's clear that its a flag at the top there and that its red, yes, but of the national colour vein. Also surprising is the flash of white at the bottom, it being a cardinal rule that yellow and white supposedly don't go together (hence I flout it on this blog everyday in the PLEASURE header just to annoy people!) But actually, white and red are COP colours. The surprise elements, therefore, are quite calculated.

But those photos. They are all old. It would have been good if they took some fresh photos to give the cover some more energy. The font of the text is both functional and appropriate for a manifesto, though. There are some cool photos inside, like this one (I have a fetish for photos of people's backs):

Unlike in the PNM manifesto, there are also photos of a lot of people. People at home, at school, in hospitals, in court, at market you name it! And lots of smiling kids, too:

And oh, here's the local band Orange Sky's lead singer Nigel Rojas. Wearing a poncho of some sort? A moo moo? He presides over the section on Constitutional reform:

The layout is pretty straight-forward, perhaps in line with the party's stated aims of changing basic things? Whatever the case, the designers were not trying to rock the boat, just be effective. The pictures are carefully selected for human impact, not for dramatic show (drama appears to have been the approach of the PNM manifesto, reviewed here). All in all, the designers have succeeded in forging a balance between easy-to-read content and engaging images so you don't fall asleep, while not rocking the boat. Three and a half out of five stars.

But what do you think? SEE the full UNC/COP manifesto here. READ a review of the design of the PNM manifesto here.

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