art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Nikolai Noel's MONO, a work in progress

From Nikolai Noel's work in progress MONO.

"Started working on these things this week - you would have to call them mono-prints of sorts, so I think I will call the lot of them MONO. I intend to do at least 12 of these ( 8in x 8in .) They are quite pleasant in person" -- Nikolai Noel at his blog.

I like the play of these images with ideas of the known, unknown and the patriotic. The choice of colour and near-monochrome, the form, the play on the silhouette; there is a sensibility here that is part of an aesthetic that is completely unique. These images make me think about nationality and its relationship to subjective experience, makes me question and critic the banal images of nationhood that flood primary school copy-books and want to interrogate their origins in a critical exercise of self-discovery. Yeah, I like.

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