art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Gerard Gaskin photographs in New York

THE SIGN outside of the church on East 7th Street, New York,says, "House of Ninja discussion panel, 6pm". The church, called Middlechurch and in a district called the Bowery, is clearly not your run-of-the-mill evangelical congregation. I go in.

I feel like I'm a boy again and about to attend an altar-boy meeting at my local Catholic church. My fellow blogger, Jeanette, asks, "where is this exhibition supposed to be again? Let's ask someone cute." Sound advice can always be sourced from my fellow blogger Jeanette. After a few peregrinations, we stumble, as though engaging in some clandestine spiritual intrigue, into a room behind the rainbow-draped alter.
The subjects of Gerard Gaskin's photographs have an intensity that is compelling. A few of them are on display here, some of them side by side with drawings done by Milton Ninja.
Jeanette looks at stuff

After checking out the photographs, we head back to the church where the Ninja lecture is going on. Ninja--for those who do not know-- is a secretive gay martial arts sect skilled in the art of assassination. Kidding! It's an underground GLBT ballroom movement. We took in some fascinating demonstrations of the art of "voguing" (which started on the NY underground before being copied by Madonna) done by this guy:

 Then, we went for drinks. New York.

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