art in all its forms

art in all its forms


TODAY: Cropper Writers Workshop participants on Radio Toco

Point Galera, Toco. Photo courtesy the Toco Foundation

The participants of this year's Cropper's Writer Workshop will today read poetry and short fiction on Radio Toco live from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, hosted by Wendy Diaz.
Radio Toco is an independent station that broadcasts at 106.7 FM, has 90,000 listeners, and can be heard throughout northeast Trinidad, in Tobago, and by some listeners in the Eastern Caribbean. 
Reading today are:
Andre Bagoo: journalist and PLEASURE blogger whose poetry and book reviews have been published in journals such as Boston Review, The Caribbean Review of Books and Draconian Switch.
Shakirah Bourne: an award winning short story writer from Barbados who is not afraid to voice what others try to keep secret.

Shivanee N. Ramlochan: an English Literature teacher from Trinidad who advocates fairness and freedom in life, art and her fiction writing.

Colin Robinson: a Trinidadian writer and community organiser whose work engages political questions of desire, gender and citizenship.
FIND out more about the Cropper's Writer's Workshop here.


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