art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Now Showing

Christopher Cozier, Now Showing, (2010), silkscreen on archival paper, 27”x20”

It has the look of a puzzle, some kind of coded message. Apparently incongruous images collide above feet, some bare, some clothed. Enslaved or free?

What might be a plot in a graveyard (the artist sees it also as a car-park) stands alone, next to a large letter A. A grade? A brand? A start? '12.30' oozes red liquid. Is it after midnight or mid-day? A '12.30' show?

Above it all, three key images raise ideological questions and paint impressions of relationships. Prime among them is the tree, inspired by the one at the Forensic Sciences Centre, Port of Spain, where murdered bodies are brought almost daily, where families seek shade. Faint in the background is Clint Eastwood and company. What exactly is showing in this wild wild west?

WATCH a film about the making of this artwork, for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2010, here. READ the artist's own account of the work here.

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