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art in all its forms


'The American' is another dreary George Clooney movie


I disagree with Roger Ebert who claims this is one of the best films of the year.

My favorite films this year, thus far, are: Eyes Wide Open, Inception, The Social Network, The Ghost Writer and Stone. The American simply does not make the cut.

It is not suspenseful and is rather slow-burning in a bad, predictable way. George Clooney is dreary in a dreary film with no life. I guess this mirrors the central character's dilemna, but alas, the film replicates this far too effectively.

We sit and watch for minutes and minutes as nothing really happens, and then he dies at the end (or kinda) as he drives towards a woman he likes. People in the cinema walked out constantly. Sheesh. It's like the James Bond film when he gets married and then the wife dies. Cept this time its the man, not the woman, that goes down in the name of love.

Rating: **

From the best film of the year, Eyes Wide Open. WATCH trailer here.


  1. Apparently, the novel on which 'The American' is based (i.e. 'A Very Private Gentleman' by Martin Booth, is a brilliant read.

    (Also, 'Eyes Wide Open' looks like a must-watch.)

  2. Anton GonzalezJuly 05, 2011

    You're too right about the movie. I couldn't get through the whole thing, and that comes from someone that somehow managed to set through the entirety of Transformers 2 and the new Gregg Araki "film", Kaboom.