art in all its forms

art in all its forms


The Lydians and...Castro?

Fidel Castro greets the Lydians on his visit to Trinidad

The Lydians are so popular that even dictator Fidel Castro has greeted them.


The Lydians present 
the Southern Caribbean Premiere of the Misa Cubana

This year the Lydians Christmas music, the Misa Cubana, comes from our own place in the world, the northern Caribbean. While the Misa Cubana (Cuban Mass) has been performed in Europe, the US, Mexico and Cuba, December will mark its southern Caribbean premiere. It is also the first time that the work of the living-legend, contemporary Cuban pianist and composer, Jose Maria Vitier, will be performed in Trinidad, as far as the Lydians have been able to ascertain. 

The Lydians have been in active communication with both Maestro Vitier and the local Cuban community who are taking an active and participatory interest in this production. Vitier dedicated this mass to La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre (The Virgin of Charity of Cobre), the patron saint of Cuba. 

Lydians Misa Cubana
Queen’s Hall
Thursday 09, Friday 10, Saturday 11 December 8.15pm

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