art in all its forms

art in all its forms


Note on Nikolai Noel's 'Fancy (History)'

From Nikolai Noel's blog

On seeing this, it is clear that it engages, in a somewhat wicked way, two issues touching the black experience.

1) the idea of the exoticised "other"; the highly sexual, sexualised, hung black man and 

2) the trans-Atlantic slavery trade. 

These two must be examined closer. For 2) is, of course, linked to 1), considering the practice of slave-owners paying more for studs meant to increase and multiply their property (ie human beings). 

The objectification of slaves, mirrors the objectification of the male form, the stereotyping of that form, the diminishing of the form itself by the focus on one arbitrary point and the failure to disentangle race from ideas of sex.

See MORE here.

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