art in all its forms

art in all its forms


The coffins that moved

9 out of 219 by Ebony G Patterson at Alice Yard

Ebony G Patterson in conversation with Alice Yard's Christopher Cozier. Photos by Andre Bagoo.

COFFINS everywhere. And bodies, too. They move, are moved, were moved. How motion stops the clock, makes the ephemeral eternal. How streets outside can enter these walls, this yard. Places of mourning become places of candle-light and flight. To feel alive. This is Ebony G Patterson's 9 out of 219.

FIND OUT MORE about this show, part of a series marking Alice Yard's fifth anniversary, here.

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"The work, both in its participatory aspects as well as its form, evoked Emily Dickenson’s famous poem, “A coffin—is a small Domain”, the opening lines of which are: “A Coffin—is a small Domain, / Yet able to contain / A Citizen of Paradise / In it diminished Plane.” By making a place for these objects, the artist has taken the artist’s own space and carried it beyond its traditional limits. 

"She has analysed death and its meaning in a manner that draws attention to its inevitability and asked participants to reflect on this and on what we have in common with those who have died. In this way she finds life in death, even if the fate of these objects is tantalisingly unclear."

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