art in all its forms

art in all its forms


POETRY: Ramlochan, Hutchinson

Do not forget the dead.
They sit at your table to stave off
food poisoning; they have caught
your infant from the clutches of a fumbling man.
You are poised in every instant
over the fertile graves of millions.
will erase your mother’s smile, the gate swinging open
as you step off the school bus, the tug in your chest a sea swell
as you swim always towards your first love

>>>FROM 'Good Names for Three Children' by Shivanee Ramlochan at tongues of the ocean.

This fixed gulf disturbs nothing, only rain
lances dead leaves on the stairs to offer
welcome, the furniture alert for occupancy,
a mirror magnifies itself, an envelope’s
torn, skull-grin on the dark desk.
The kitchen has not recovered since a saucer
fell, bursting mica, its calligraphy reads 

>>>FROM 'Thunder in April' by Ishion Hutchinson at Guernica.

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